Changes in BioMart species support

As Ensembl continues to rapidly grow in terms of the number of supported species, we continually assess our provided resources effectively match the scientific needs of the researchers using them. 

In order to maintain our BioMart service at its current performance level, we will be making changes to data availability in BioMart starting with the upcoming e99 release. 

Specifically, we will discontinue BioMart access for a number of species with very low usage levels in e99.  We will continue to add new species based on expected interest from scientific communities. In following releases, we will reassess the species available via BioMart to strike a balance between adding new, potentially interesting species, while discontinuing support for species that have had little access over a prolonged period.

We continue to work on a BioMart replacement that will scale in line with the rapidly increasing number of assembled genomes, but do not yet have an estimated time frame for completing these developments. In parallel, we are developing a new strategy for organising and presenting our BioMart resources as complete community-oriented sets of species.

BioMart will remain available through the archive sites for all species that were available at the time of that release. Otherwise, you may be able to download the data you need from our FTP site or, more flexibly, from our APIs. For help with these, please contact our helpdesk. 

In  e99, BioMart will be discontinued for the following species:

  • Acanthochromis polyacanthus
  • Accipiter nisus
  • Amazona collaria
  • Amphiprion ocellaris
  • Amphiprion percula
  • Anser brachyrhynchus
  • Anser cygnoides
  • Apteryx haastii
  • Apteryx owenii
  • Apteryx rowi
  • Athene cunicularia
  • Calidris pugnax
  • Calidris pygmaea
  • Catagonus wagneri
  • Chrysolophus pictus
  • Cyanistes caeruleus
  • Cyprinus carpio germanmirror
  • Cyprinus carpio hebaored
  • Cyprinus carpio huanghe
  • Erythrura gouldiae
  • Gambusia affinis
  • Kryptolebias marmoratus
  • Mola mola
  • Moschus moschiferus
  • Neogobius melanostomus
  • Neolamprologus brichardi
  • Nothoprocta perdicaria
  • Notechis scutatus
  • Numida meleagris
  • Parus major
  • Pavo cristatus
  • Periophthalmus magnuspinnatus
  • Phasianus colchicus
  • Physeter catodon
  • Podarcis muralis
  • Pseudonaja textilis
  • Spermophilus dauricus
  • Stegastes partitus
  • Sinocyclocheilus grahami
  • Sinocyclocheilus anshuiensis
  • Sinocyclocheilus rhinocerous
  • Struthio camelus australis
  • Suricata suricatta
  • Terrapene carolina triunguis
  • Urocitellus parryii
  • Varanus komodoensis
  • Xiphophorus couchianus
  • Zonotrichia albicollis