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A low volume mailing list used to announce major updates and major releases. [Archive]
A high volume mailing list for Ensembl development, open to all. [Archive]This is a mailing list with all the Ensembl developers and people who are just tracking the project. Any request is sensible here, as long as you are happy that your e-mail is seen by this many people. Programmers and systems people with questions about code and installation are encouraged to use this list, as you may get helpful replies from people outside the Ensembl team who use the system.

We would encourage people to take questions and suggestions of small collaborations to ensembl-dev. Internally we discuss all requests across all team members who are relevant.

To subscribe to either of these lists, you can

  1. Visit and follow the online instructions
  2. Or, send a blank email to

    as appropriate (any content in the email will be ignored)