What’s coming in Ensembl 95 / Ensembl Genomes 42

We’re planning to release the next versions of Ensembl and Ensembl Genomes in December.

We’ve got some exciting new genomes, including polar bear, as well as updated genome assemblies for three important agricultural species. We’ve also got a new regulatory build for the human GRCh38 and GRCh37 assemblies and a brand new protein structure variation view.

New assemblies and annotation

  • Human: regulatory build update for GRCh38 and GRCh37 assemblies, incorporating new data from ENCODE.
  • Mouse: update to GENCODE M20 gene annotation.
  • New vertebrate genomes: donkey, polar bear, black bear, red fox, koala, dingo, tuatara, painted turtle and desert tortoise.
  • Updated vertebrate genomes: we have new genome assemblies for chicken (GRCg6a), cow (ARS-UCD1.2) and horse (EquCab3.0).
  • New plant genome: Arabidopsis halleri.
  • Updated plant genomes for Aegilops tauschii, Glycine max (soya) and Solanum lycopersicum (tomato).
  • New metazoa genomes: biting midge (Culicoides sonorensis), white-rat springtail (Folsomia candida) and the North American/European springtail (Orchesella cincta).

Other highlights and updates

  • New protein structure variation view.
  • Probe mapping update for human GRCh38 and GRCh37 assemblies.
  • Update to the human GRCh37 variation database to dbSNP 151, which includes the gnomAD variants.
  • Update to wheat variation data.
  • Adding ENA and RefSeq chromosome synonyms across all plants.
  • New whole genome alignments between several triticeae genomes.
  • Revision of gene-tree pipeline for vertebrates and plants to correct paralogy prediction issues identified in Ensembl 94.
  • dN/dS analysis will be calculated for all mammals, reptiles and percomorph fish.
  • Constrained elements will be available as bigBed files, instead of bed format.
  • Support for multiwig and composite tracks in Track Hubs.


While every effort is made, there is no guarantee that these features will make it into the release.