Ensembl 72 has been released!

What’s new in e!72?

  • Updated patches for the human assembly (GRCh37.p11)
  • New variation citation page and individual genotype search box
  • Addition of phenotype association data from OMIM and Orphanet as well as data from the GIANT and MAGIC association studies.
  • Imported HGMD-PUBLIC data from release 2013.1 with regulatory data for human.
  • Import of COSMIC version 64 and update of COSMIC structural variants
  • Updated HAVANA manual curation for human and mouse.
  • Import of the genotypes from the Mouse Genomes Project, SNP Release Version 3.
  • Updated CCDS sets and cDNA alignments for human and mouse.
  • Addition of variation data for gibbon.
  • Updated mitochondrial sequence and annotation for several species including alpaca, lamprey, platyfish and xenopus.

New variation citation page and search box

Variation citation

We have added a new page listing the publications where a variation has been cited. This information can also be retrieved in the new variation citation filter and attribute section of the Variation mart.

individual genotypes search box


form to search an individual is now available in the “Individual genotypes” page located on the variation tab.

Upload VEP output

VEP upload

We have added the ability to upload a VEP output file to the website through the standard upload form. This allows you to re-upload previously calculated consequences, whether from a previous run of the VEP online tool that you have deleted from the website, or an output file from the standalone script (subject to our usual 5MB upload limit).

A complete list of the changes can be found on the Ensembl website