Ensembl browser workshops in the US East Coast

The Ensembl Outreach team is considering the possibility of going to the East Coast of the US in May to deliver Ensembl browser workshops soon after the Biology of Genomes conference in Cold Spring Harbor (May 7th-11th, 2013).

Our browser workshops are highly interactive consisting of presentations intermingled with live demos and hands-on exercises. They can be highly customised to the audience needs, which is ideally in the range of 20-30 attendees.

Ensembl workshops are delivered free of charge but we ask our hosts to pay for our instructor’s expenses which typically include flights, accommodation and subsistence.

For more details, please refer to the page below:


If you would like Ensembl to come to your academic institution or want additional details, please contact the Outreach Project Leader Giulietta Spudich (gspudich@ebi.ac.uk) or me (denise@ebi.ac.uk).

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Ensembl Outreach