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Who is using us?

During the long flight from London to Seoul, where I’m now giving workshops, I had time to do some analysis.

We have recently changed the way we analyse traffic on our website. Urchin Software allows us to pinpoint access to our site with more accuracy. (In a previous post, I showed data where some domains were excluded in the representation).

This month’s data (June 2009) is more comprehensive and can be shown with the following heatmap. Again, dark-coloured countries show more use than lightly shaded ones. We can now detect some low level traffic in the African continent missed in previous analyses.

Following a recent thread, I normalised these data taking into account population. (Did I mention how long the flight from London to Seoul actually is?) This puts the Netherlands as the country with the highest ratio of Ensembl users normalised by population, followed by Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Finland, Belgium, Iceland, Germany, Denmark and Singapore (the first non European country in the list) pushing the United States (excluding traffic from the US mirror) to the 15th position.

On another matter, I’m glad to see that our user base in this country is well established. Apart from the obvious Seoul, we can also see access from Taejon, Kwangju, Taegu, Pusan, Inchon, Pohang and up to 29 locations in the country, and following these workshops we hope this will increase further.

As they say over here 안녕