As Ensembl continues to rapidly grow in terms of the number of supported species, we continually assess our provided resources effectively match the scientific needs of the researchers using them. 

In order to maintain our BioMart service at its current performance level, we will be making changes to data availability in BioMart starting with the upcoming e99 release. 

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Following our consultation on simplifying our GRCh37 services, we have decided to remove all support for non-human data from our dedicated GRCh37 database from release 100 onwards in early 2020. This will impact the website at, the REST server at and the database at Non-human data will still be supported on the archive.

In response to feedback during consultation, access to the full data currently provided by the existing GRCh37 REST services will also be made available for at least a year.

Please see our longer post for more details.

Some missense variants have significant impact on the protein function, some do not. In the absence of global comprehensive functional assays of missense variants, the next best way to assess if a missense variant is likely to be pathogenic is through prediction tools which take into account factors like the chemical properties of amino acids, functional protein domains and protein conservation to predict how likely it is that a missense variant will impact function. A number of different missense pathogenicity predictors are available for human through Ensembl VEP, and these are are optimised for different purposes.

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We are considering the removal of support for all non-human species from the website and database from release 100 onwards, planned for spring next year. This is a copy of the data on our Ensembl v75 archive and has not been updated since 2014. We suggest that anyone working with non-humans switch to either the latest website at, or if you specifically need the older data currently on to use the archive, which has a complete copy of all data originally released in Ensembl v75 and will remain active for the foreseeable future. If you feel that this change will have a significant impact on your analyses, please let us know.

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