RefSeq column returning for GRCh37

Following the response to our switch to the new RefSeq Match column in the transcript tables, we have reverted the tables on GRCh37 back to the old style. The table now lists the RefSeq column as before. We apologise for any confusion this has caused.

Since the MANE project is only for GRCh38, and will not be applied to the frozen gene set on GRCh37, the RefSeq Match column was empty on all genes on GRCh37. This prompted a number of enquiries about the missing RefSeq data on GRCh37, so this has now been reinstated.

The RefSeq identifiers in the RefSeq column of the transcript table still do not necessarily represent 100% identical transcripts to the GENCODE transcripts, and should be treated with caution. When reporting positions between GENCODE and RefSeq transcripts, please check the structure and/or alignment to ensure you are referring to the same position.

For GRCh38, we have retained the RefSeq Match column, which will only be populated by 100% matches. At present, this is only the match provided by the MANE Select transcript, and has so far been assigned for over 50% of human coding genes. In future, we will see MANE Select transcripts for more human genes; which will bring greater consistency across databases and improve accuracy of reporting.