Ensembl 2020: pre-alpha release

If you’ve been at VizBi 2019, you’ll have seen Andy Yates previewing our new website design. If not, here’s your chance to take a look.

Our pre-alpha release is out at 2020.ensembl.org and we want your feedback. This is a very very early stage version of the site, with limited functionality, just a browser of the human genome with one transcript for every gene, short variants, contigs, sequence and GC content. There’s no search at the moment, but we’ve provided you with links to get to two genes (TTN and BRCA2; as they say, go hard or go home) and you can scroll around to get to others.

A genomic region in our new browser. Blue links can be clicked on in this pre-alpha release; grey links will be live in the final website, but aren’t yet.

We want to know what you think. We’ve opened up a Slack workspace where you can discuss what’s going on with the developers, offer your ideas and feedback, and find out what’s coming up. To join, just fill in our form and we’ll send you an invite. Or you could just email us on helpdesk [at] ensembl.org.