Free online course – mark II

Following the success of last year’s course, we’re pleased to announce a second Free Ensembl Webinar Course.

This course allows you to learn about Ensembl for free from the comfort of your own office (or bed, no-one’s judging you), with the ability to interact live with the instructors. Perfect for those who can’t attend or host one of our live courses.

What is it?

The Ensembl online training series comprises a series of live webinars, once a week over seven weeks. Each webinar explores a specific aspect of Ensembl data or tools with a presentation and a demonstration – see the online course for details. You can then practice what you’ve learnt over the following week with online exercises.

Not all of the topics will be useful to you, so you can dip in and out of the webinars. If life gets in the way and you miss one you are keen on, we will post the videos to our YouTube channel and YouKu for those of you in China and embed them in the online course so that you can catch up.

What makes it special is that the course is fully interactive. If you attend the live webinars, you will have an opportunity to ask the instructors questions in real time. Afterwards, while you work on the exercises, you can interact with the instructors and other participants via our dedicated Facebook group. If you prefer not to use Facebook, you can also email us for help. Plus, you’ll be able to re-watch all or part of the videos at your leisure.

When is it?

We start on the 6th April, and will hold seven webinars on Thursday mornings, up until the 18th May. The live webinars will take place at 9 am BST (GMT+1), but if you are unable to attend live, the videos will be posted shortly afterwards. Since last year’s course was held in the afternoons, good for our American friends, we’re hoping that this morning course will be easier to access for anyone in Asia or Oceania.

After the live course finishes, we will leave the full course of recordings and exercises online, so that you can take it independently whenever you choose.

69.7% are very likely to recommend this course, 30.3% are likely to.

Is it any good?

We think so, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what the attendees from last year had to say:

“Thank you. I really appreciate having access to this course. I’ve learned a lot.”

“Thank you so much for organising this. I really enjoyed!”

“Thank you; the course is very useful. I´m very happy”

How do I sign up?

You can visit the course pages to see what’s going on without signing up. If you want to attend the webinars live, you will need to sign up (or sign up here from China), but there’s no charge for doing so. You may also wish to join the Facebook group.