What’s coming in Ensembl release 83

Ensembl 83 is scheduled for December 2015 and includes:

Updated gene sets and annotations

  • Human: gene set updated to GENCODE 24, and new assembly patches (GRCh38.p5)
  • Mouse: updated to GENCODE M8 annotation
  • Rat: updated gene set, including manually annotated HAVANA annotation

Variation data imports and updates

  • Phenotype data updated for several species including human, mouse, rat, horse and turkey
  • New human phenotype association data from Cancer Gene Census
  • New and updated studies from DGVa for several species such as human, mouse, macaque, cow and dog
  • Latest sequence variants from dbSNP build 145 for chicken and pig
  • New “ExAC” evidence, variation set and track
  • dbSNP rsIDs now available for gibbon

Other highlights and data sets

  • RefSeq genomic to mRNA comparison attributes will be updated for human
  • Improved image export
  • GFF3 support for userdata
  • Annotations in RDF format for all species


For more details on the declared intentions, please visit our Ensembl admin site. Please note that these are intentions and are not guaranteed to make it into the release.