What’s coming in Ensembl release 80

Ensembl 80 is scheduled for May 2015. Highlights include:

Variation data imports and updates

  • 1000 Genomes phase 3 studies will be imported for human
  • Variant locations will be added from the ExAC project
  • The latest sequence variants will be imported from:
    • dbSNP build 142 for human, mouse, zebrafish and cow
    • dbSNP build 143 for sheep and pig

Updated gene sets and annotations

  • Mouse GENCODE M5 (GRCm38.p3): An updated version of the GENCODE gene set
  • Updated zebrafish gene annotation based on the GRCz10 assembly
  • Updated rat gene annotation based on the new Rnor_6.0 assembly
  • RefSeq genomic to mRNA comparison attributes will be added for human

New web features

  • New export options for comparative views (homologues, gene trees and OrthoXML filtering)
  • New display styles for BigWig files on karyotype
  • Support for long-range interaction data

Other updates

  • The pairwise and multiple alignments have been updated to use the new Zebrafish and Rat assemblies

For more details on the declared intentions, please visit our Ensembl admin site. Please note that these are intentions and are not guaranteed to make it into the release.