Goodbye REST. Hello REST.

You may have noticed our beta REST server has been retired. We have replaced it with our new service,, and have a handy migration guide to help you update existing scripts. Details about the new server can be found in the article published in Bioinformatics. Some of the improvements include:

  • New POST endpoints
  • POST messages allow users to submit a list of inputs as a single request
    This is supported for the archive, lookup and vep endpoints
  • The rate limit has been increased, with up to 15 requests per second allowed
    Combined with POST, we were able to process 1000 variants per second!
  • New /variation endpoint to retrieve variation information linked to a gene or a transcript
  • New /regulatory endpoint to retrieve data from the regulatory build
  • HTTPS support for clients working with a secure environment

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.12.26

This server provides access to the latest data in Ensembl, including the new human build on the GRCh38 assembly. For those wishing to use data from the GRCh37 assembly, a dedicated server is available on