Ensembl Genomes release 21 is out!

We have just released the latest update of Ensembl Genomes.

This release contains the chromosome survey sequence for bread wheat cv Chinese Spring, generated by the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortiumaa0More than 100,000 protein-coding genes predicted by MIPS  are now available for the first time in Ensembl Plants. We also provide in this release functional annotation, genome alignments, and inferred evolutionary histories for bread wheat.

The other highlights of release 21 are:

New genomes

Ensembl Fungi

Verticillium dahliae and three new Schizosaccharomyces species (S. cryophilusS. octosporus and S. japonicus)

Ensembl Protists

Emiliania huxleyi

Ensembl Metazoa


Dendroctonus ponderosae and Solenopsis invicta

Ensembl Bacteria

675 new genomes added (9,764 genomes now represented in total)

New data

Ensembl Fungi

Pairwise DNA alignments for Schizosaccharomyces and Magnaporthe species, and for Ustilago maydis and Sporisorium reilianum

Ensembl Protists

Pairwise alignments for Alveolates, Stramenopiles, Amoebozoa and Kinetoplastida

Ensembl Plants

  • Gene models for T. aestivum chromosome survey sequences, as described above
  • Additional wheat RNA-Seq data.
  • DNA-DNA alignments between bread wheat, rice, and Brachypodium distachyon.

MSU-7 gene models for the rice genome are now available, allowing visual comparison between this and the IRGSP set. Cross-references between the two gene sets are provided by rap-db, so searching and querying using either identifier space is possible.


Overview of MSU and IRGSP gene models in rice.

Updated data

Ensembl Fungi

  • Peptide comparative genomics and BioMart
    Schizosaccharomyces pombe annotations from PomBase

Ensembl Metazoa

Peptide comparative genomics and BioMart

Ensembl Plants

  • Updated gene-trees to include T. aestivum gene models.
    Updated GO terms for O. sativa and projected to other species.
    Updated repeat analysis (TREP) for wheat genomes

If you have any questions or comments, get in touch.

The Ensembl Genomes Team