Ensembl Genomes release 20 is out!


Some of the new genomes in Ensembl Fungi and Ensembl Plants

We are thrilled to announce that the latest update of Ensembl Genomes has been released. The highlights of our new release are:

New genomes
Ensembl Fungi
Blumeria graminis and Microbotryum violaceum

Ensembl Plants
First release of the Chromosome Survey Sequence for bread wheat cv Chinese Spring generated by the International Wheat Genome Sequencing

Ensembl Bacteria
2,802 new genomes included (9089 genomes now represented in total)

New data
Ensembl Metazoa
New variation data for Anopheles gambiae (from VectorBase), originating from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute’s Malaria Programme’s Anopheles gambiae Genome Variation Project.

Ensembl Bacteria
Operon data for E. coli K-12 imported from RegulonDB
New cross references added to Rhea and MetaCyc, and the Enzyme Classification of the  IUBMB

Updated assemblies
Ensembl Plants
Oryza sativa (IRGSP v1.0)

Ensembl Metazoa
Acyrthosiphon pisum (AphidBase 2.0)
Apis mellifera (BeeBase 4.0)
Strongylocentrotus purpuratus (SpBase 3.0)

Updated data
Ensembl Fungi, Ensembl Protists and Ensembl Plants
Manually curated ontology annotations in model organisms projected to orthologous genes
Cross-references to PHI-base added for 4 additional species of plant pathogens

Assembly converterassembly_converter_0
The Ensembl Genomes Assembly converter, which can map feature coordinates from one version of a genome assembly to another, is now also available for all species in Ensembl Metazoa, Fungi, Plants, and Protists.
It can be accessed online or programmatically (Perl API or REST service).

Any questions or comments? Contact us.

The Ensembl Genomes Team

p.s. the public MySQL will be available shortly.