Database Port Changes

You may have noticed that release 71 saw us make accessible on port 3306 alongside the traditional Ensembl DB port 5306. This is in response to comments from users that many institutions and businesses do not allow access to remote resources on non-standard port numbers. The older 5306 was such a non-standard port number. We are beginning a migration which will see Ensembl host current release databases on the default MySQL port 3306 alongside 5306 detailed in the following table

Ensembl Databases and their Ports
Database Database Releases Release 71 Release 72 47 and lower 3306 and 4306 4306 48 plus 5306 3306 and 5306 Current and previous 3306 and 5306 3306 and 5306

Prior to release 48 all Ensembl databases were hosted on 3306. Release 48 saw an upgrading of our MySQL deployment platform from v4 to v5 ( This necessitated the deployment of two servers; 3306 hosting MySQL v4 databases and 5306 hosting v5 databases. This process sees us returning to our original hosting pattern of making our latest releases available on 3306.

We hope that this move will help more users access our resources. Should you need more information then please do not hesitate to get in touch.