New Pre! sites for Painted turtle and Spotted gar

Pre! sites have been released for two species: Western painted turtle (Chrysemys picta bellii) and Spotted gar (Lepisosteus oculatus).

Chrysemys picta bellii

The western painted turtle assembly Chrysemys_picta_bellii-3.0.1 (GCA_000241765.1) was submitted by the International Painted Turtle Genome Sequencing Consortium. The painted turtle is used as a model species for studying anoxia tolerance, freeze tolerance, temperature-dependent sex determination, and vertebrate evolution. This assembly is composed of 80983 unplaced scaffolds. Click here to go to the painted turtle Pre! site where you can view transcripts built from alignments of a few painted turtle proteins (from UniProtKB) as well as from alignments of chicken and green anole lizard translations (from Ensembl release 66).

Lepisosteus oculatus

The spotted gar assembly LepOcu1 (GCA_000242695.1) was submitted by the Broad Institute. The spotted gar is a primitive freshwater fish. It is especially interesting as an outgroup to teleost fishes: the gar lineage diverged from teleosts before the teleost whole-genome duplication. This assembly is composed of 29 chromosomes and 1896 unplaced scaffolds. Click here to go to the spotted gar Pre! site where you can view alignments of zebrafish, stickleback and coelacanth translations from Ensembl release 67.