Ensembl Genomes release 13

The Ensembl Genomes Project is pleased to announce release 13 of Ensembl Genomes.

This release contains 6 new genomes, bringing the total genomes supported to 341. Main highlights are:

* Software migration to Ensembl 66

* The addition of Brassica rapa to Ensembl Plants, as well as synteny data for species in the Arabidopsis and Oryza genomes and new oligo probe mapping from the GeneChip Maize Genome Array for Zea mays

* A new species (Toxoplasma gondii ME49) added to Ensembl Protists and the genome of Trichinella spiralis is now available in Ensembl Metazoa.

* Three new genomes in Ensembl FungiMagnaporthe oryzaeMagnaporthe poae and Gaeumannomyces graminis. There is also synteny data for species in the Saccharomycetales and Hypocrealestaxonomy groups. The annotation for S. pombe has been updated to reflect the most recent content from PomBase.

EMBL-EBI and Rothamsted Research have recently announced the release of the PhytoPath portal, a joint project bringing together Ensembl Genomes with PHI-base, a community-curated resource describing the role of genes in pathogenic infection.  Genomes of pathogenic organisms from this project including the causative agents of diseases such as potato blight, rice blast and wheat rust can be found in this release of Ensembl Genomes.

The Ensembl Genomes Team