Ensembl 66 has been released!

We are happy to announce the launch of our latest Ensembl release (e66).

Major updates for human include:

  • Genome: The human genome assembly was updated to GRCh37.p6, containing 124 assembly patches. The DNA sequence for the primary assembly (chromosomes 1-22, X, Y, unlocalized scaffolds and unplaced scaffolds) remains unchanged.
  • Variation: The short sequence variants are now updated to dbSNP 135.
  • Regulation: A new regulatory consequence table shows regulatory features and motifs at the position of the SNP or other sequence variant.  

All Species:

The Region Report tool allows you to export genomic information like sequence, genes, structural variants, SNPs, conserved regions, and regulatory features.  Try the web interface, or use the Perl script with the core API, and let us know your feedback!

A preserved specimen of Latimeria chalumnae in the Natural History Museum, Vienna, Austria (Source: Wikipedia)

New species:

We have a new species in this release: Coelacanth (Latimeria chalumnae).
Illumina techology was used to produced this high quality draft from the Broad Institute. The whole genome shotgun data was assembled with Allpaths.


New genome:

The assembly for Ciona intestinalis is updated. This genome is the smallest of any experimentally manipulable chordate. Ensembl presents the sequence data provided by Kyoto University, with additional Ensembl genebuild.

A complete list of the changes in release 66 can be found here.

Enjoy exploring Ensembl!