API reference gets a refresh

With some satisfaction, I am happy to announce the arrival of a new documentation resource with Release 63, intended to assist programmers in getting the most out of EnsEMBL.

Using a custom filter and the open source tool Doxygen we now bring you a more pleasing perspective on the EnsEMBL API, with the following features:

  1. Search box – find the class you need fast
  2. Inherited methods – no more hunting for superclasses
  3. Class and dependency diagrams – see how the API is structured
  4. Multiple perspectives – view by class, namespace, directory or method

The new reference can be found through the website, so update your bookmarks and have a look around. You might see some artifacts in the automated documentation, but we will be aiming to remove these as part of an ongoing effort to standardise code comments. I hope you enjoy the advantages of this new modern view of our API.