New Pre! site for Chimpanzee

Chimp Pre!There is a new Pre! site for version 2.1.3 of the chimpanzee genome assembly (known as Pan_troglodytes-2.1.3). This assembly will remain as a Pre! site while we complete the genebuild for the most recent assembly:  Pan_troglodytes-2.1.4. These two assemblies are identical except for the Y chromosome which has been updated for Pan_troglodytes-2.1.4.

The Pre! site contains over 56,000 Genscan predictions  and 1,517 gene models based on chimpanzee proteins. In addition we are displaying Exonerate alignments for chimp cDNAs and ESTs as well as cDNAs and Ensembl peptides from e!62  human.

The Pre! Ensembl site has been updated to run version 62 of the Ensembl APIs and web code. This means that many of the new web features that have been added to the main Ensembl site over the past few releases are now available on the Pre! Ensembl site, including the Variant Effect Predictor (VEP), favourite tracks and the ability to attach BAM, BigWig and VCF data files.

The full gene build of the previous Pan_troglodytes-2.1 assembly can be found here.