Shortcut addresses for Ensembl versions

Want to be sure you are going to the right version of Ensembl? Whilst our archives can be accessed through the link at the bottom of each page, if you want to cite a particular version or access it directly, you previously needed to know the month and year of release to find the archive site (e.g.

Now, for the convenience of our users, we have introduced shortcuts that include the version number instead of the date. For example, typing:

into your browser will redirect you to the same May 2009 archive.

We have put these redirects in as far back as e30 – if the archive no longer exists, you will be directed to the next most recent one (unless doing so would mean a change of assembly, in which case you are redirected back to the last archive on your chosen assembly, if available).

P.S. Don’t forget the ‘e’ at the beginning – we can’t use plain numbers as it causes problems with DNS servers