Ensembl Tips: Navigating the Browser

Though the overall response has been good, a few Ensembl users are finding it difficult to switch from the old interface to the new browser launched Nov, 2008. For those users, functionality has not been lost. You should still be able to do the same tasks as before in a faster interface.

We will post a series of tips to show you how to make the switch from the old interface to the new. If you still have trouble, please watch our video tutorial: Browsing Ensembl.

TIP: I want to use ExonView. Where is this now?

To view the full genomic sequences, exons and introns, go to any transcript. (Exons are transcript information. To see the exons page, go to a transcript tab, not the gene tab.) Click on the ‘Exons‘ link under ‘Sequence’ at the left of any transcript page.

To show the full introns, click on ‘Configure this page‘ at the left. Select ‘Show full intronic sequence’. Click ‘Save and Close’ at the top right corner of the menu window.

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