March workshops, release and down time

We are looking forward to Ensembl release 49, which has been delayed to 13 March, 2008. This is a result of some downtime planned at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. Users, beware! Ensembl will not be available from: Friday 7 March – Sunday 9 March

On the 13th March Ensembl version 49 will be available. Keep an eye out for:
Drosophila melanogaster (assembly BDGP 5.4)
Horse (first gene build)

Viral genes have been removed in multiple species. ncRNA updates will be ready for Pika and Mouse Lemur, and new variations from dbSNP 128 (mouse, chicken, cow, and zebrafish) and dbSNP 126 (rat) will be available. Have a look at the new pairwise alignments between human and horse genomes.

Upcoming Workshops – March

A series of talks and workshops are happening in March.

Browser Workshop (2-day course at the EBI) 5-7 March
Browser Workshop (part of a 2 day course, MRC London: EBI Roadshow) 11-12 March
Presentation at the Genomes to Systems 2008 conference in Manchester, 17-19 March

Interested in organising a course in Ensembl and BioMart? Contact our helpdesk.

-The Ensembl Outreach team