We are currently in the process of releasing Ensembl 56, and should be back online within an hour or so.

Please note that all Ensembl-based sites will be offline at this time whilst we upgrade our user account database. Affected sites include Vega, Pre, the Ensembl archives and the US mirror. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


To our BLAST users,

BLAST is online again, the maintenance is finished.

Thank you for your patience.

The Ensembl team.

We have scheduled some downtime for our BLAST database servers on Monday 10th August *Postponed to Tuesday, 11 Aug*, in order to install some security patches. We will also be trying out an upgrade path and pushing that out to the main BLAST server if it proves compatible. There will be a downtime of between 30 minutes and 12 hours, depending on how smoothly the maintenance goes. The rest of the Ensembl website should be unaffected.

We suggest that you avoid running BLAST or BLAT searches in the 48 hours preceding the maintenance work as we cannot guarantee that data will not be lost. We will update this post as soon as the maintanance has been finished.

Thank you for your patience,
The Ensembl Team

Next week, 18-24 May, an upgrade is scheduled that will affect the following sites:

Archive sites versions 48-53 (Dec 2007-May 2009) (Downtime will start Monday 18 May)

BLAST and User Upload on Pre! sites (Wednesday 20 May)

BLAST and User Upload on the Vega site

We ask our users to plan to use these sites after the upgrade, if possible.

The Ensembl Team

Ensembl is currently down due to a power outage in the data centre at the Sanger Institute last night. Power has been restored, but it will take some time to restore all of the services.

We are working to get things up and running and expect that Ensembl will be back mid to late morning UK time.

Ensembl is currently migrating to new hardware in conjunction to the development of new webcode for the next release (due in late September). During this period, and due to some technical issues, there might be some downtime of our website. We apologise for any problems this may cause and we are working to minimise its impact in Ensembl.

The Ensembl Team

For the past two days, Ensembl has been slow or has not returned the page (instead offering an ‘Ensembl is down’ yellow screen).

Be assured we are working on the problem. It is a hardware issue, but should be resolved soon.

From all of us in the Ensembl team, thanks for your patience!