Ensembl 108 has been released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Ensembl 108, and the corresponding release of Ensembl Genomes 55 featuring changes in the human default tracks, new genomes in Ensembl Plants and Ensembl Metazoa, and the addition of mitochondrial annotation for Tasmanian devil.

Genome assemblies and annotation for many new species are also being continuously added to the Ensembl Rapid Release genome browser.

Default data display updates for human

In the Location tab, cDNAs, EST cluster (UniGene) and CCDS tracks will no longer be displayed by default. These tracks can still be added by configuring the page.

A snapshot of the default ‘Region in detail’ view in Ensembl release 107.
A snapshot of the default ‘Region in detail’ view in Ensembl release 108.

New genomes


We have added two new species:


We have expanded the list of metazoa species available on Ensembl, which now includes:

New Assemblies and/or Annotation



We have updated the assembly and genome annotation of:

We have also updated the genome annotation of:

Other updates and changes

  • The Cyprinus carpio (Common carp) GCA_000951615.2 assembly has now been replaced with the newer Cypcar_WagV4.0 (GCA_905221575.1) assembly. The previous assembly has been retired from BioMart.
  • Our variant databases for Bos taurus (cow), Danio rerio (zebrafish), Equus caballus (horse), Felis catus (cat), Gallus gallus (Red Jungle fowl chicken), Macaca mulatta (macaque), Mus musculus (mouse), Rattus norvegicus (rat) and Sus scrofa (pig) have been updated to use EVA release 3. This replaces previous data from dbSNP and uses new clustering and quality control methods, for example, variants which do not match the genome assembly will no longer be shown.
  • MANE transcripts and proteins are now highlighted on gene and transcript summary pages. This gives more prominence to MANE and reduces the significance on CCDS.
  • The transcribed_unprocessed_pseudogene biotype was changed to have separate pseudogene and lncRNA gene IDs in human and mouse, which increased the number of lncRNA genes in the total gene count. 
  • The biotype processed_transcript, when present in protein coding loci, has been replaced with protein_coding_CDS_not_defined
  • The Post-GWAS tool has been retired (read more here: https://www.ensembl.info/2022/07/28/retiring-the-post-gwas-tool/). 
  • Peak features have been removed from overlap REST endpoints, which may affect queries. 
  • Aphanomyces astaci, Aphanomyces invadans, Globisporangium ultimum, and Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidis have been removed from Ensembl Fungi, and fungal gene trees have been re-computed. These species will continue to be included in Ensembl Protists.
  • Retirement of Ensembl 90 archive.