What’s coming in Ensembl release 76

Ensembl 76 is scheduled for release by end of July 2014. Highlights for the coming release include:

New human assembly – GRCh38

  • Complete Ensembl annotation of the new genome
  • GENCODE release 20 will be updated including manual annotation from Havana
  • Full regulatory build for human using the new Ensembl Regulatory Build Annotation pipelineGRCh38
  • Alignment of Human BodyMap data
  • Updated Ensembl variation data for the new assembly
  • Browser track/variation set of variants for the Illumina Human OmniExpress-12v1 genotyping chip
  • NHLBI ESP data will be updated to version  v.0.0.26
  • COSMIC version 69 will be imported

Other features and data sets

  • Mouse GENCODE release M3: manual annotation from Havana will be updated and merged with Ensembl automatic annotation to produce the next gene sets for GENCODE
  • Amazon molly gene set with BAM files and transcript models for 11 tissues
  • Olive baboon with BAM files and transcript models for 14 tissues including thymus, liver, lung, heart and pituitary
  • DGVa data will be updated for cow, dog, horse, human, macaque, mouse, pig, zebrafish
  • Chicken, cow, pig and sheep will be updated to dbSNP build 140

The GRCh38 blog series gives insight into how Ensembl annotates the new human assembly.

For more details on the declared intentions, please visit our Ensembl admin site. Please note that these are intentions and are not guaranteed to make it into the release.