Contributor guidelines

Some e!code resources come from developers within the Ensembl project and we welcome the addition of software from external contributors. However please note:

  1. This site is not a code repository. If you wish to contribute, you must host your code at a public repository site such as GitHub or SourceForge.
  2. The aim of this site is to publicise resources that supplement and extend the bioinformatics software and data provided by the Ensembl project.  We want to highlight the useful and novel ways that Ensembl is extended, but won’t necessarily list every piece of code based on Ensembl.
  3. Externally contributed resources are provided without warranty or endorsement by the Ensembl project – please see our full terms and conditions for details.
  4. We reserve the right to reject any request for listing a resource in our directory; to remove outdated listings or those that adversely effect our services; and to edit listings for clarity.
  5. We will make every effort to post and update your listing promptly on request, but this will be on a “best efforts” basis by our staff.

If you are interested in having your code listed, please supply the following information using the form below:

  • name of your module/plugin/program
  • a one-sentence summary of your code’s purpose, e.g. “VEP plugin: Retrieves a conservation score from the Ensembl Compara databases for variant positions”
  • short description of the module/program (optional)
  • contributor(s) name
  • which version(s) of Ensembl it has been tested on
  • URL of the repository from which the code can be downloaded
  • which licence you are releasing the code under, e.g. GPL (Note: Ensembl code is released under an Apache style license and will soon move to the Apache 2.0 license)

Comments or questions are welcome.

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Requests without all of the above information may be delayed or rejected.

Thank you and welcome to e!code.