Ensembl e!code

Do you have code you would like to share with the Ensembl user community? Are you looking for a way to extend the VEP, or an alternative to the Perl API?

Ensembl e!code provides a central “directory” of scripts and other resources for use with the Ensembl API and databases, allowing developers to easily reach our user community and share their work. We welcome contributions that integrate with our own code or provide alternative tools in programming languages that we do not currently support.

Important note: this site is not a repository like GitHub or SourceForge – all resources must be hosted elsewhere by contributors. Please see our contributor guidelines for more information.

Some resources are provided directly by the Ensembl project (e.g. VEP plugins), and we may use this site to highlight new features of interest to our users. Externally contributed resources are provided without warranty or endorsement by the Ensembl project – please see our terms and conditions for details.

vep_logo_smUpdate: the latest VEP plugins can now be found in our new GitHub repository