Retirement of Ensembl archives 71 and 72

Please note that the archive websites for Ensembl releases 71 (April 2013) and 72 (June 2013) will be retired in July when version 85 is released. This is in accordance with our rolling retirement policy, whereby archives more than three years old are Continue reading Retirement of Ensembl archives 71 and 72

What’s coming in Ensembl release 84

Ensembl 84 is scheduled for March 2016 and includes: Updated gene sets and annotations Human: Incorporation of Blueprint epigenome data and methylation data Mouse: update to GENCODE M9 annotation Zebrafish: updated gene set, including manually annotated HAVANA annotation and RNAseq data update Continue reading What’s coming in Ensembl release 84

Drawing cis-interactions in Ensembl

Drawing cis-interactions in Ensembl

As we announced in our e80 release post, we rolled out a prototype display for cis-regulatory interactions, essentially arches connecting any two elements on the same chromosome. This was mainly designed to display your eQTL or Hi-C with little effort, based on the WashU Continue reading Drawing cis-interactions in Ensembl