Are you powered by Ensembl?

We are looking for projects that use aspects of the Ensembl code (for example, the webcode, the genebuild pipeline, or comparative analyses).  If you want to be added to our list, please reply to this blog post, or email our helpdesk with your project name, url, and what aspect of the code you are using.

In addition to the projects on our powered by Ensembl page, we have heard from:

Let us know about your project!


2 thoughts on “Are you powered by Ensembl?

  1. Used the Perl API to gather transcript and variant data for the mining of splice translational efficiency polymorphisms (STEPs).

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your response! We don’t actually need to know if you use the Perl API- we’re looking, in this case, for projects that incorporate one of our pipelines, or that have developed a website around Ensembl code. However, I will keep your API use in mind- it’s useful for us to know how people are using the API!