More Ensembl vacancies

There are currently two positions open in Ensembl at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.

Senior Web Developer – [Ensembl] Informatics
We are seeking a highly motivated web developer with bioinformatics experience to prepare and produce data for the Vega project, along with developing intuitive web displays for the complex data within the project.

The position is a senior Perl web developer in the Ensembl web team working on the Vega website. The scope of the role includes all aspects of website development and deployment, from initial database creation through to website design and management.

The role requires interactions with members of the Havana group at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (WTSI), the WTSI web team, Ensembl groups based at the WTSI and the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), and the external Vega community.

Closing date: 15th July 2011

Ensembl Developer
We are seeking a highly motivated bioinformatics developer to join the Ensembl genebuild team. The bioinformatician will work as part of a team and their responsibilities will include:

  • Producing automatic gene annotation on chordate species using the Ensembl genome annotation system;
  • Maintaining existing core, cdna, otherfeatures and rnaseq MySQL databases for the Ensembl releases;
  • Extending existing methods and developing new methods to handle new data types;
  • Using transcriptome data to generate and improve gene annotation;
  • Liaising with other members of the Ensembl team and support for external users;
  • Teaching on API courses and presentations at conferences;

The genebuild team is responsible for producing, maintaining and improving automatic gene annotation on chordate species. All members of the team take part in the production of each new annotation release, with each person being responsible for taking particular genomes from the raw unannotated assembly to a fully annotated genome ready for display in Ensembl. Members of the team are involved in both internal and external collaborations.

Closing date: 4th August 2011

All applications should be made via the links above; if you have questions about these positions, please email Steve Searle (

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