US East coast Ensembl mirror now available

We are pleased to announce the public availability of a second Ensembl mirror in the USA. This can be found at . This provides a fully functional Ensembl website, but there are some things to note which I’ve listed below.


We don’t automatically redirect users to the new mirror, although we have plans for this in future. So for now you’ll need to explicitly visit to access it.

User logins

If you use the login functionality, your existing login will work on , although configuration changes will not be reflected between sites. We plan to support shared logins very soon.

Other services

We don’t yet offer the Biomart or BLAST/BLAT services on the new mirror; these will come in the near future. We currently have no plans to offer a US-based MySQL mirror, so you should continue use for MySQL queries.

We’re very keen to hear your experiences with this new mirror, particularly from our US users, please use the Helpdesk in the first instance, or contact me directly. We also have advanced plans for mirrors in other parts of the world, so stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “US East coast Ensembl mirror now available

  1. It's really slow to use API (indirectly use Mysql) to connect to!

    Because users from all over the world should connect to the same site, which makes it really slow, especially if we want to calculate large amount of data.

    I'm wondering whether they can set up mirrors in US to make it faster or do you have any other solutions?

  2. At the moment, the only mirrors out there are of the website, but we will keep you posted if this changes.

  3. Why does Ensembl (and the mirrors) go down so frequently? The uswest one is down very often. Isn’t the point of a mirror to spread use out and minimize downtime?

    • Our uptimes are in excess of 99%, according to monitoring services. If you have specific problems, please contact our helpdesk with details. Thanks!