Ensembl Workshops in July

The summer is a time for research institutions to focus on research (or go on holiday). This causes a decrease in our Ensembl Outreach and Training (at least, workshop-wise!) However, we are giving a few workshops in July.

2 July: Internal Developer’s Course (let’s see what the developers themselves have to say about browsing Ensembl!)
6-7 July: Browser modules in EBI roadshow, Poznan Summerschool of Bioinformatics, Poland
9-10 July: Browser workshop in Seoul, Korea (Korea National Institute of Health)
13 July: Browser workshop in Daejeon, Korea (KRIBB)
13 July: Browser workshop at Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, for campus employees
14-15 July: Browser workshop in Pusan, Korea (Pusan National University)

Don’t forget, we have loads of training videos on our tutorials page (and YouTube channel!)

One thought on “Ensembl Workshops in July

  1. Thanks for the useful workshop at Pusan National University. I hope your work for broadening and deepening bioinfomatics knowledge would be successful-
    from Sungpil, MD/PhD student of PNU Medicine