We’re looking for a bioinformatics developer to join our genebuild team, creating and running pipelines to annotate genes onto genomes. We’re looking for PhDs or MScs in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Genetics or related fields, with experience in genome annotation using pipelines and compute clusters and knowledge of object-oriented programming and Unix. Closes 25th February.

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We’re holding an Ensembl Perl API course at the Genome Campus in the UK in April. The course give you chance to learn how to access the database directly from the people who produce the databases and write the APIs themselves. It is aimed at bioinformaticians and wet-lab scientists who are familiar with Object Oriented Perl.

This four-day course costs only £140, which includes daily transport to the campus from Cambridge city centre and refreshments (the fee is to cover only these expenses).

Please visit the course page for more details on the content and how to apply.

We’re always looking to improve Ensembl to make your research easier. To do this, we’re looking to find out more about you, how you use Ensembl and what you find useful or would like to see improved. The survey should take no more than 10 min. If you’d like to help make Ensembl better, please click on the link below: