Ensembl 84 is scheduled for March 2016 and includes:

Updated gene sets and annotations

  • Human: Incorporation of Blueprint epigenome data and methylation data
  • Mouse: update to GENCODE M9 annotation
  • Zebrafish: updated gene set, including manually annotated HAVANA annotation and RNAseq data update
  • Cow: ncRNA data update and transcriptomic data update
  • Baboon: lincRNA model update

Variation data imports and updates

  • Phenotype data updated for several species including human, mouse, rat, zebrafish and pig
  • Latest sequence variants from dbSNP build 146 for human, cow and dog
  • HGMD data update
  • Import of COSMIC 75 cancer data
  • New and updated studies from DGVa for several species such as human, mouse, zebrafish, macaque, cow and dog

Other highlights and data sets

  • Pairwise LD calculation on LD variant page
  • Alignments in CRAM format
  • Track hub registry interface
  • Gene trees: new option to prune by target species/ taxon
  • DAS support ended
  • Regulatory segments retired from the Ensembl regulation Biomart, but now available in bigbed format through the ftp site

For more details on the declared intentions, please visit our Ensembl admin site. Please note that these are intentions and are not guaranteed to make it into the release.

Would you like to include images from Ensembl during a presentation or in your paper or poster?

We are happy to announce that a new image export option is available in Ensembl 83, which optimises colour and contrast settings for presentation on a projector or in print. You can download images from Ensembl using the ‘Export this Image’ icon, at the top-left of every image. Below is the image download form, showing the new export options.

Image export page

Presentation options
Our new export feature for presentations alters the image to be clearly visible on projectors by:

  • saturating colours to improve contrast in brightly lit environments
  • increasing line breadth for viewing from a distance.

You can see the difference below. On the left is a ‘Standard Web’ exported image. On the right is the same exported image with the ‘Presentation’ feature.

Human_13_32315474_32400266 Human_13_32315474_32400266-2

Print options
If you’re looking for an image for your paper or poster, try our new print options, labelled ‘Journal/report’ and ‘Poster’. Images exported for print have a high resolution, which produce x2 and x5 enlargements respectively.

Other export options
You can also export the standard web image in PNG or PDF format for use on the web, or SVG format by clicking on the ‘Custom image’ export option.

information iconYou can find more information about exporting images by clicking on the information icons in the export menu.

We would love to hear from you if you have used the new image export options for your own work. Image parameters can be tweaked, so we welcome feedback on whether these features suit your needs. Leave your comments below or contact the Ensembl helpdesk.