Ensembl Genomes 42 is out!

We’ve just released Ensembl Genomes 42, with new and updated plant species, including soya and tomato, as well as three new species for Ensembl Metazoa.

New assemblies and gene annotation

We have now included the genome assembly and annotation for Arabidopsis halleri. Arabidopsis halleri is a close relative of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. It is broadly distributed through Europe and Asia and heavy metal hyper-accumulation ability make Arabidopsis halleria useful model for ecological genomics studies.

Figure 1: Arabidopsis halleri subsp. gemmifera, Kinki district, Japan, picture taken by Kentaro K. Shimizu



In addition, we have also updated plant genomes for Aegilops tauschii (goatgrass, Aet v4.0), Glycine max (soya, Rel. 137, Version 4, Glycine_max_v2.1), Solanum lycopersicum (tomato, SL3.0 + ITAG3.0 annotation), Vigna radiata (mungbean, vigra.VC1973A.gnm6.ann1.M1Qs) and Physcomitrella patens (V3.3).

Finally, we also have three new genomes in Ensembl Metazoa: the biting midge (Culicoides sonorensis), white-rat springtail (Folsomia candida) and the North American/European springtail (Orchesella cincta).

Other Updates

We also have a number of other important updates:

  • EMS mutation data for the TILLING population for wheat was updated and now contains 12,083,188 mutations .
  • New inter-homoeologous wheat variation data.
  • Adding ENA and RefSeq chromosome synonyms across all plants.
  • New whole genome alignments between several triticeae genomes.
  • Update to Drosophila melanogaster mtDNA sequence.
  • Updated PHI-Base annotations for Ensembl protists, fungi and bacteria.
  • Revision of gene-tree pipeline for plants to correct paralogy prediction issues identified in Ensembl Genomes 41.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about these new changes, please see the Ensembl Genomes 42 release notes.