Ensembl Genomes release 27 is out!

What is new?

  • Expansion of Protists and Fungi with hundreds of annotated genomes
  • Variation data for bread wheat, rice, Aedes aegypti, and Ixodes scapularis
  • Whole genome alignments for O. longistaminata and T. cacao
  • Non-coding RNA gene models in Bacteria
  • New assembly of tomato (version 2.50)
  • Full support for UCSC Track Hub format for hosting your own data in Ensembl

Expansion of Fungi and Protists

All protist and fungal genomes whose sequence and annotation are complete and submitted to the International Sequence Database Consortium (INSDC) have now been included in Ensembl Genomes. Future releases will continue to be updated with all newly submitted sequences.


Mushrooms, mould, parasites of animals and plants: just to name a few genomes in the comprehensive and varied collection of new species in Fungi and Protists.

Ensembl Fungi now contains 408 genomes from 271 species, with 355 new genomes from 236 species included in this release.

Ensembl Protists now contains 133 genomes from 91 species, with 101 new genomes from 66 species.

The new genomes are available on our websites, MySQL databases, and APIs (REST and Perl). We are currently working on making them available in BioMart and expect this to be available in release 28.

A representative selection of 57 protists and 191 fungi genomes have been added to our comparative genomics analyses, making gene trees and homology calls available.

Screen shot 2015-06-15 at 16.49.10

Gene tree of the RBP gene in Leishmania mexicana, one of the many new genomes in Ensembl Protists, and its 12 orthologues.

New variation data for bread wheat

Variation data provided by the HapMap consortium is now available in Ensembl Plants for bread wheat. The data was generated by re-sequencing 62 diverse wheat lines. In total 1.57 million SNPs and 162 thousand small indels were identified across the 21 chromosomes of bread wheat. Moreover, the genotypes of 475 individuals have been added to the Axiom 820K SNP Array from CerealsDB.

SNPs and short indels from the wheat HapMap and CerealDB annotated with VEP can be viewed in our Ensembl Plants browser.

Other news

  • Updated gene models in Metazoa, Protists and Fungi
  • Updated comparative genomics across all divisions
  • New probe data for barley
  • Updated BioMarts

A complete list of both new and updated date can be found on our website.

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