What’s coming in Ensembl release 79

Ensembl 79 is scheduled for March 2015. Highlights include:

Updated gene sets and annotations

  • Human GENCODE release 22 (GRCh38.p2): An updated version of the GENCODE gene set, which combines Havana’s manual annotation and Ensembl’s evidence-based automatic annotation, will be released
  • Assembly patches will be added and annotated for the new human assembly GRCh38.p2
  • RefSeq to Ensembl model comparison attributes will be added for human
  • Fruitfly assembly will be updated to BDGP6

Variation data imports and updates

  • 1000 Genomes phase 3 studies will be imported for human
  • The latest sequence variants from dbSNP build 142 for human will be imported
  • New Global Alliance standards REST endpoints will be available for sets of Variation data
  • NextGen Project genotype data will be added from 3 sheep populations (Iranian Ovis aries, Iranian Ovis orientalis, Moroccan Ovis aries)
  • New rat strain-specific variants and genotypes, and QTLs and phenotypes from the Rat Genome Database (RGD)

New web features

  • Updated Gene gain/loss tree view
  • New summary statistics of the homologs predicted between each pair of species

For more details on the declared intentions, please visit our Ensembl admin site. Please note that these are intentions and are not guaranteed to make it into the release.