Take our Browser Workshop … Online!

We’d like to announce our new, filmed browser workshop.

Take it for free on EBI’s Train Online platform!


You can either go through the whole day course top to bottom, or pick your favourite module.  It’s complete with filmed presentations, exercises and answers, and links to more information.

Ensembl (many thanks to Emily Pritchard for putting this together) worked with EBI’s Outreach and Training team’s Mark Adams (who filmed the workshop and did all the slide and video processing).

We’re hosting a live webchat to take questions about any aspect of the course, so join us there on either date:

  • Wed 3 April 4-5pm (GMT+1)
  • Wed 17 April 4-5pm

Like the course? You might want to fly one of us out there to teach at your institute!

Questions/comments are very welcome at our helpdesk.