New ChIP-Seq data and visualisation

Over the last 3 releases we have significantly increased the content of the functional genomics databases, by including data from large public projects such as ENCODE and The Epigenomics Roadmap. In release 59 we have over 200 human data sets representing 10 cell types, 41 histone modifications and 14 transcription factors. These numbers will steadily increase in the forthcoming releases as more data is incorporated.

These data sets are now available in ‘Region In Detail’. Cell type tracks can be turned on via the ‘Functional genomics’ menu of the configuration panel – click on ‘configure this page’ on the left to access it. These are split into ‘Core’ and ‘Other’ evidence types, reflecting how we deal with these data within the Regulatory Build. Display options include a peak track, with the underlying raw data is available as a ‘multi-wiggle’ track. Further configuration is available via the ‘Cell/Tissue’ tab, where individual feature types can be turned on or off.

Work is ongoing to improve the flexibility of these displays.