This could be come a new word in English is it becomes more frequent… well whilst most of Europe was grounded (and some colleagues from Ensembl stranded throughout the world) we only had to postpone one workshop… And our tour of Australia continued (we only had domestic flights and these weren’t disrupted), coming to an end this week (I’m flying to Canberra where the ANU is hosting the last of the series).

Great feedback (thanks for filling those surveys, guys!), and our SNP Effect Predictor tool is becoming very useful, this trip also gave us a a chance to test (first hand) the speed of access to the browser and API from Australia.

This coming month, as Bert has already posted, we are attending a couple of conferences in France, if you are attending the Paris workshop (it may not be too late to register if you plan to be in town) you will have to clear security (it’s hosted at the UNESCO at the end of the day), so come early (with your passport or ID card), we are also running a workshop in Montepellier (thanks to HUGO and specially Cathy for this one).

Back to Europe soon,