Ensembl Website road map…

We hope you like the new Ensembl website – we have had quite a lot of feedback about the system, and are digesting this to see how and where we can make the site more easy to use.

Missing features

We know there are a number of features which were in the webcode prior to the revamped version 51 that we are working on.


  • AlignSliceView [target e!53]
  • MultiContigView [target e!54]
  • CytoDump [will be released in e!53 as part of the export module]
  • DotterView
  • HistoryView – "ID liftover" [target e!53/4]
  • AssemblyConverter – "location liftover" [target e!53/4]


  • Drawing code tracks, e.g. rat QTLs, protein co-ordinate based DAS tracks [target e!53]
  • User gene annotations [target e!54]

New developments

We have a number of new "web" developments in the pipeline – some of these are listed below:

  • Extended configuration panel – searching for tracks, show currently active etc [target e!53]
  • Extended configuration panel – re-ordering tracks etc [target e!53]
  • Extended configuration panel – further configuration options – colour, depth, more display options, label options [target e!54/5]
  • New BLAST/BLAT interface [target e!55/6]
  • Re-write of the vertical drawing code to allow high quality PDF/PS/SVG karyotype and chromosome images to be produced.
  • Further work on export – finer configuration of what to export, exporting in multi-regions, integration with "user data"