December Release and Workshops

Ensembl is pleased to announce a new release (version 48) due on 11 December. Featured in the release will be a new gene set for pika and the mouse lemur. These species will also be incorporated into homology calculations and alignments. Further upcoming features include variations from dbSNP128 for mouse and a new rat strain, RNB1 (from Japan). The human variation set will also feature updated data from Dr. Watson’s genome, along with updates from dbSNP128.

Did you know about our new human and mouse databases (since release 41)? The functional genomics database (funcgen) is a first step into the world of annotating promoter and enhancer elements detected in the ENCODE project. See these features in ContigView (‘Regulatory features’ under the ‘Features’ roll-down menu) or access the data with our API.

Finally, a new database integrating tissue expression data and presenting it on the rat genome will be available as EURATMart.

Upcoming Workshops in December:

Module in the Wellcome Trust Sanger Open Door Workshop, Montevideo, UY 4 Dec
Browser workshop (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) Bangi, MY 4-5 Dec
Developers workshop (University of Cambridge) Cambridge, UK 17-19 Dec
Browser workshop (CNIO) Madrid, ES 18 Dec

The Barcelona Supercomputing Center, site of an EBI roadshow in November: